Enjoying the Spring Weather

We’ve had a series of really beautiful spring days in Cambridge – in fact, in my six years here, I think this is the nicest spring we’ve had – and today was another of them. I started the day lazily – some reading and dozing, and then biked to Kendra’s place for brunch (picking up a cherry pie from Petsi Pies on my way). Kendra and I immediately headed out to her local bakery – When Pigs Fly – where we bought some bread to have with brunch. We then headed back to her apartment where we scrambled eggs (with cheese & parsley) – yum!

After a restorative nap, I headed across the river to Newbury Street for some much-needed spring shopping – I’m now set for shoes, pants, tops, and sunglasses – as well as a summer dress and some socks. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and it was a pleasure to walk along the shopping strip, and enjoy the trees’ return to life.

This evening, I settled in with Season 2 of The (American) Office. I’ve seen all of the British version, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it took me a while to warm to the American version. The first few episodes follow the British series very closely, and it was painful to watch. Then, the American version branched out in it’s own direction, and it got considerably better. It’s very different from the British series, but funny in it’s own way.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Spring Weather

  1. Welcome back to you too! Nothing like a successful shopping expedition to lift the spirits.

    I’ve never actually seen The Office. I must be about the only person in the UK not to….

    Are you almost about to move home or have you done that already.

  2. I moved home just over a week ago. It was absolutely the right thing to do – I’m so happy in my new apartment – but I’m still exhausted. And I’m still unpacking boxes. :-)

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