The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

There’s an article (and accompanying recipe) in the New York Times today in the search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Americans tend to be devotees of the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (apparently, the Toll House was where the chocolate chip cookie was invented), and this article looks for improvements on the classic recipe.

I had already implemented one of their suggestions – I use good quality chocolate chips (the best I can afford) rather than the traditional Nestlé semi-sweet morsels. I’m not sure I’d institute all the suggested improvements (I can’t imagine planning to make cookies 36 hours in advance, even though the science supporting this suggestion is very cool), but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for larger chocolate chips when I’m next in the supermarket.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Hi Katie. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try the recipe soon. One way of getting larger chocolate chips is to buy a chocolate tablet and make the chips yourself (and you might get more choice on the quality). More irregular and more dangerous (depending of the knife you use). Bon appétit !

  2. Jean-Francois: Your comment about knives being dangerous was apt: a month or so ago I ended up in the emergency room following a bagel/knife injury. It would appear I can’t be trusted with a knife! :-)

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