Travel Plans

Washington, DCSo, despite staying in Boston for the inauguration, I’ve bought a plane ticket to Washington, DC: I’ll be there the weekend of Feb 21. I’m staying with my cousin, and will catch up with a whole lot of people; it turns out I know a quite a few people who have moved to DC. I’ve been to Washington once before, when I was 18, and a high school exchange student in upstate New York. I was in the marching band (yes, really – I played piccolo – all those trills in the Sousa marches were me!), and in the spring we went on a marching band tour, of sorts. We went through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and to Washington, DC. I have vague memories of playing as part of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. I really can’t remember if we played in DC or not, although I suspect not, but I do remember arriving after dark, and seeing many of the landmarks that way – lit up artificially. We stayed somewhere nearby overnight, and the next day we were set loose on the Smithsonian, with very little supervision, as I remember it. In any case, I remember enjoying it, and I’m looking forward to going back, and finding out how good my memory is. I’ve bought a guide book (it arrived today), and I’ve developed a sudden interest in all things related to the US capital.

There’s a fantastic blog post in the New York Times today: I LEGO N.Y.

A taste of whats on offer at I LEGO N.Y.

A taste of what's on offer at I LEGO N.Y.

In fact, I was so enamored with it, that I read the rest of Christoph Niemann‘s posts – and would encourage you to so, too. There are only 5 or so of them, and you don’t want to miss his bathroom art (not nearly as dodgy as it sounds). If you still haven’t had enough (I hadn’t) you can check out his portfolio. It turns out I had seen his work before; he’s done a bunch of New Yorker covers.

White Bread Black BeerI’ve been listening to Scritti Politti’s White Bread Black Beer, and have really been enjoying it. It’s nice, mellow music to have on in the back ground, and it’s completely possible to work while it’s playing. It’s the first time I’ve (knowingly) listened to Scritti Politti, and I’m glad to have found them. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting – something harder, I guess – but once I put it on it was a pleasant surprise. I’m planning to explore them a little more – I have Cupid & Psyche 85 on my request list at the library. It’s significantly older than White Bread Black Beer – I’ll be interested to see if it’s at all dated.


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