It feels like I’m suddenly doing (or preparing for) a lot of travel – perhaps because I am. First, I have a significant birthday approaching (one that involves a zero), and I decided my birthday present to myself would be a trip to California (it was that or an iPod touch – crazily, flying to California was cheaper) – I have enough frequent flyer miles to cover the trip, so the cost will be minimal. I’ll be in the Bay Area April 3, 4, and 5. It will be lovely to escape Boston‘s crazy weather (yesterday was most certainly not spring-like), and I’m looking forward to seeing my Californian friends again.

Secondly, my job interview was successful, and it looks like my next home will be in Tokyo. I’ve never been to Japan – in fact, I’ve spend hardly any time in Asia at all – and know no Japanese and next to nothing about Japan or Tokyo. Yesterday, I enrolled myself in a beginning Japanese class (first class is next Monday) and bought some Lonely Planet guide books about Japan and Tokyo. Yay! I’m increasingly excited about the impending move. I’ve also started to think about reducing my stuff – I’ve decided to stop buying CDs (substituting iTunes albums) and books (so much for the guide books I bought yesterday, although I’m sure they’ll be useful in Japan – I’m generally pretty good at borrowing books from the library rather than buying already, though) – surely the first step to reducing my belongings is to stop adding to them? I’ve been thinking about buying a digital book reader – the Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader are the two top contenders at the moment – to try and cut down on the space and weight my books occupy.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about walking in the Yorkshire Dales. I haven’t got very far in my planning, but it seems like basing our trip on the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle Railway might be a good idea. It would remove the necessicity of a rental car, and, by all accounts, the rail route is spectacular.


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