100 x 100

Courtesy of the Very Short List, Michael Wolf’s 100 x 100 project:

51From VSL:

Three years ago, Wolf persuaded 100 residents of Hong Kong’s oldest housing project to let him photograph their 100-square-foot apartments. Some lived like monks, with a bed here, a mini-fridge there, and minimal clutter. Others look as if they’re sitting in the back of a totally packed U-Haul.

In other news, the scheduling part of my brain is MIA. In the past week I’ve:

  1. Reserved a hotel in room in the Yorkshire Dales from March 31 – June 5.
  2. Completely forgotten about my brunch date with Jesse.
  3. Booked a plane flight to California on Friday despite being sure I had booked a flight for Thursday.
  4. Been absolutely sure that a regular weekly meeting was at noon when it was in fact at 1 pm.

I’m hoping that this part of my mind will recover upon graduation.


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