Wolfram Blog

I discovered the Wolfram Blog a couple of days ago, courtesty of the Edward Tufte’s Ask ET forum, and since then it’s occupied more of my time than I’d like to admit.


I’ve been a fan and user of Mathematica for a long time – probably the most useful class I took as an undergraduate was called something like “Computational Physics” but would have been named “How to use Mathematica to work on physics problems” – and I love, love, love that the Wolfram Blog provides the code as well as the output.

I think I enjoy the image processing and generating aspects of the Wolfram Blog the most. The image processing capabilities of Mathematica are new to me (and, I think, new to Mathematica). I’ve long used Matlab for this for image analysis, and will probably continue to do this, at least for now. I’d dearly love to move to Mathematica to image analysis in the long term – I find it much more intuitive to work with, and the documentation is excellent (and certainly much better than Matlab‘s documentation). In the mean time, I plan to download the most recent version of Mathematica and play a little.


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