Dove Rescue

There’s a pair of doves that regularly come by my balcony. I put out bird seed and water for them, and watch them collect nesting material. Occasionally they’ll bring newly fledged young to the balcony to eat, too. Late yesterday afternoon I looked out to the balcony and saw a dove in distress. It couldn’t fly, and I was worried it was going to throw itself off the edge of the baclony. I couldn’t decide if it was one of the pair, or one of their offspring (they had bought two recently fledged birds with them to the balcony just a few days ago), but it clearly needed help.

Photo by Noodle snacks

After a phone call to the RSPCA, I picked up the dove in a towel and headed out to the Murdoch emergency vet clinic. I’m not overly optimistic about the bird’s chances – by the time I picked it up it was no longer putting up a fight – but it was still alive when I handed it over, so perhaps there’s some hope.