Belated Mothers’ Day Celebrations

Last night I made a belated Mothers’ Day dinner, and David and Clare joined mum and me for dinner. Mum requested a stir-fry, so I made a Beef & Broccolini Noodle Stir-Fry. I thought it was OK, although nothing special (I think it would have been improved with a bit of chilli), but David and Clare both liked it enough to request the recipe. I think they liked that it was a relatively straight-forward recipe with left-overs that would reheat well for lunch the following day.

For dessert I made Lemon & Prosecco Cake from the most recent issue of delicious. I substituted cheap sparkling wine for the prosecco, and I thought the resulting cake was a little rubbery – perhaps I over-cooked it? Clare used the remaining cheap bubbly to make mimosas, which she served wearing appropriate glasses.

Shetland Triangle Received

I sent the finished Shetland Triangle to Mum for her birthday.

It was a few days late getting there, but it was very well received.

Notice Mum’s garden in the background? Her everlastings are putting on a fantastic show at the moment.

The Shetland Triangle has been a most successful knit: a good use of the roadkill yarn (and a return gift for the person who gave it to me), a fun knit, and a birthday gift.