Orange & Yoghurt Pancakes

By Massimo L. (Own work) (Public domain) via Wikimedia Commons.

This weekend’s cooking featured Orange & Yoghurt Pancakes from the February 2011 issue of delicious. The recipe is a bit fiddly – lots of different bowls of things need to be prepared, and it stretch the resources in my (admitted under-equipped) kitchen. To simplify things, I decided to serve the pancakes only with Greek yoghurt and the berry compote – no messing around paring orange peel – but if I were to make this for brunch with guests (as I almost certainly will) I’d give my guests the choice of all the possible toppings. Because I’m still getting to know my kitchen, I burned quite a few pancakes before I’d worked out the right burner to be using, and the right setting for that particular burner, but once I’d worked it out, the pancakes were delicious, and smelled divine.


It’s raining in Perth today, and last night, as the sun was setting, clouds began to come in, making for a pretty sunset.

Yesterday I made a Goat’s Cheese and Rosemary Tart for dinner (along with the suggested grape, celery and walnut salad). It was very straight-forward (especially if you use pre-prepared pastry for the crust), and good despite my slightly over-cooking it (it was a little browner than I would have liked, but didn’t taste burnt). The accompanying salad was a winner, too – I’m a fan of fruit in salads – and it was nice and crisp. We’ll be eating left-overs tonight.

Making Pain-Au-Chocolat Pudding

So Kendra hosted a holiday party, and, after spending the day being more than a little pathetic, I decided to pull myself together and make a dessert to take along with. I was generally uninspired, but as I leafed through How to Be a Domestic Goddess my eyes fell on the photo of the Pain-Au-Chocolat Pudding. Delicious! I rushed out to the store and purchased their last three pain-au-chocolats and got to work. It turns out the recipe is surpisingly easy: cut up pain-au-chocolat and arrange in pan. Heat milk and cream. Before it boils add in egg and egg yolks and sugar, add vanilla, pour over pain-au-chocolat. Allow pain-au-chocolat to soak up custard, then bake. And it was delicious, if a little rich. I’m definitely glad I didn’t eat the whole thing myself. In case you’re in any doubt, the recipe is most certainly not low cholesterol; another reason it’s good I shared it with people (a sign of old age is that not that you have had your cholesterol tested, it’s that you’ve had it tested and discovered it’s astronomically high).

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